Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Where does the time go? I vow to write on this blog yet it seems that the opportunity slips through my fingers. Time is clearly one of those challenges that many artists face and few can conquer.
Recently however I had the opportunity to share a blustery Sacramento afternoon with Chris Foster and Veronica at Access Sacramento. Veronica has been meeting with many of the Art Trekkies to interview them in their studios. I opted to go to the Access TV Studio with Chris. It was my first opportunity to get to see that type of environment so it was quite exciting.
I was impressed to see the organization that was going on to create a public television clip. The camera crew were all very dedicated and focused - in spite of their youth or lack of experience. Veronica was the director and she lead with a clarity and patience. Many kudos to her and her team. I am looking forward to seeing the tapes that she creates from the interviews of the art trek team. They will be airing on Channel 17 & 18 Cable TV. When exactly we don't know yet but we are all eager to have our debuts.
I have been enjoying some time to work in my studio as we have Easter break. It's been luxurious to have time to clean up some piles and to pursue some ideas that have been floating in my head. There are two things that I have been focusing on so far. One is a plate of a tabby cat. This is for a gentleman in Pennsylvania. He contacted me and asked me to make a piece for his daughter. What a lucky daughter to have such a thoughtful dad. He sent me a picture of an adorable tabby cat that has little white paws. It was fun working on and I am so pleased I would like to make a similar one of my friend's cat Bubba.
The second project that I have been working on is due to that day with Chris Foster. Chris creates these beautiful paintings that include phrases or quotes. I was listening to her explain her passion for the word and for calligraphy. So I started to consider including some quotes with my glass. I am now making some fun tiles that include some of my favorite "words of wisdom".