Saturday, March 19, 2016

More than Fused Glass by Judy Butler

Usually I am involved strictly in fused class. I love the color and the intensity and the ability to translate whimsy. However there are stretches where I am waiting for the kiln to "do it's thing" so I am looking for other forms of expression.

Recently I have been enjoying working with colored pencils. I have played around with the Prismacolor colored pencils but never with much focus. Additionally, I am trying a new (or new to me) product by Dewert called an Inktense pencil. It's like a watercolor pencil however when the water is applied the color is very intense and it is ink (consequently the name). The advantage to have the ink is that once it is applied it will not shift as watercolor tends to do. I have been experimenting by layering the inktense pencil first then applying watercolors and the Prismacolor. I have frequently been pleased with the results.

These images - and more will be available at the Art Studio Trek in Rocklin, Roseville, and Granite Bay. I will be showing my work at the beautiful home of Pam Burns. I hope to be able to demonstrate the Inktense pencils. Please come by for a view.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Judy Dillon, 2016

High Country Spring, 24x18", Mixed media
AST artists are busy producing new work for Art Studio Trek 2016, now just eleven weeks away. Judy Dillon writes:
"I have been experimenting with lots of techniques this month. Waxed paper, saran, rice papers, India ink, and spray paint!  All these paired with watercolor makes for some exciting art. The painting attached started out with no subject in mind, just lots of paint and various layers of masking with saran wrap, etc. And, oh, yes, some copper spray paint.When everything was dry and the "stuff" came off, the idea of the rushing water became apparent.  And so, "High Country Spring" was created."