Thursday, January 9, 2014

Looking Forward in the New Year


     The challenge, as an Artist, is to "say" exactly what you intend as you create new pieces. My desire to accomplish this goal is ever-present each January. I struggle to find something new to express my view of beauty or express a viewpoint I hold dear. At its root, that is the chore of an Artist. 
     Then, there is you, the Adventurous Trekker. Do we create Art that you will want to purchase? Or, do we create Art that sparks a feeling, an idea, an emotion within you? That is the dilemma for many Artists. Myself, I decided years ago to create for my ideal with the hope that each piece gets to the proper audience. For the most part, I feel the pieces have been successful at this symbiosis. 
     I look forward to this next show. I know I will meet new "owners", see friendly collectors and watch this symbiotic proccess at work. 


  1. "Creating for the market" is always a temptation and a dilelmma. I do it occasionally, but I never like myself for it. I have learned that creations resulting from the achievement of your own best taste and understanding of the art form will sell.