Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day in Placer County. The temperature has cooled to the mid 80's, the geese are flying around the area and I noticed the ants are trying to get into my studio - with some level of success. That meant that I actually did some cleaning to dissuade the the little guys before I could launch into a new project. Cleaning is always a good thing however - especially since it is rarely on my "to do" list. I did make a lot of progress on an exciting new project. I'm creating a 16" square piece that may end up being a platter. It uses a mosaic/fused glass technique- and of course it features a dog. I hope to have it in the kiln tomorrow and will include pictures soon.


  1. Hi Judy great job, your project sounds wonderful. My studio looks like a hurricane went through as I used it to dump everything moving the speed of sound trying to get to the coast for an amazing 3 days, & then a great weather weekend in Placer County doing super fun things with family, like the Honey Festival. Thank you for setting up the AST Blog. Also check out the FB event page at: & be sure to join our group page at:

  2. Hi Judy,
    Thank you for introducing us on this blog. Missed you at the meeting. Want to chat with you. We made a lot of decisions and are moving forward in great anticipation of the 2012 Trek. I am creating our Preview Show on a mini i-movie to be featured on the AST website.
    BTW you missed seeing Judy S. FABulOsO remodel. Her home is an Art Gallery. toodles.

  3. Yes The new year has started and we are getting ready to open our studios April 28th and 29th, 2012. This year we have 13 studios open for visitors to view artworks and meet artists and see how the studios are organized. A year of change for some of the artists as we are introducing some new styles from previous years. Love to keep things new and alive and interesting for returning visitors. Hope you can save the date for a visit.