Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is Inspiration?

The big weekend is quickly approaching for the wonderful Art Studio Trek. It is no doubt that April 28 and 29 will be upon us soon. The artists are all very busy in their studios creating new and unique pieces of art that will be available for viewing and sale during the weekend loop. One of the discussions that has been circulating has been about "inspiration" - as in what inspires an individual to create a specific piece of art? This always an intriguing question and can provide numerous diverse responses.

I find that I rarely lack for inspiration - not because I'm special or "creative" but because I have so much input of ideas. As a high school art teacher I exist in a constant flood of young hormonal individuals. They are in flux about what to wear, who said what, who did what, who has what, and all of the multitude of challenges that exist for our young. And in the midst of this controlled chaos I attempt to instruct about the basic concepts of art. And it is during these times when I am trying to share with young people my passion for art that I can sometimes see the light being ignited in them also. It is delightful to suddenly see that they too can find joy and solace in the simplicity and complexity of creating art. Consequently I have little doubt that the act of sharing my joy of art is what truly gives me inspiration.

I hope that others will share their source of inspiration. Happy Valentine's Day.

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