Monday, February 20, 2012

Diane Ruhkala Bell - Printmaker Extraordinaire

I've recently had the pleasure of meeting with Diane Ruhkala Bell. I was in love with her use of color and repetition of design elements. It’s very dynamic and playful. She uses a variety of printmaking techniques to create these vibrant images and will frequently combine printmaking with found materials and collage. It’s refreshing to see art that is fun, well crafted and also irreverent.

“How do I work? I work best alone, in my studio with music in the background, dressed in comfy clothes okay for ink spots. I like a little mess around me so I can play without thinking too much. At my age I have learned too many things about art and techniques so I have to try to forget about them and play until I get back to that more child like state of self-expression.”

If you have the opportunity take a look at Diane’s work on her web site at:

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