Thursday, February 16, 2012

Judy Dillon And Her Inspiration

I think Judy Dillon's work is fascinating with her bold use of colors and textures. Her paintings are very vibrant and demonstrate her delightful creativity.

"I am an innovator, problem solver, creator (and sometimes destroyer) of art that is of my making in media of my choosing. I meander through various medias and styles. I feel no urgency to please anyone but myself in my work. I usually start with an idea or a simple drawing and let the painting tell me what to do. That means spending as much time studying the work as time spent painting it! At some point, intuition takes over and shows the way to the next step in the process.

Much of the time, I start with an abstract under painting. Just the process of splashing paint on paper forces me to stay looser in the next phases. Painting takes on a whole new feeling when not adhering to some exact subject or form. Even “realistic” subjects become more alive and vibrant with unexpected color.

Painting gives me the chance to create and solve new problems. I can create something that no one has seen quite the same way before. How fun is that!"

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